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Neon Rose.. the flourescent flower...

Neon Rose..
27 August 1973
Hi! I'm an attractive, friendly, sexy, fun, open-minded 40-something yo BBW. Just hanging out.. experiencing life.. trying to keep healthy.. seeing what comes along.. hopefully, some fun and new friends

My Philosophies: You are who you think you are.. Don't get down on what other people think - if they don't like you for who you are, then to h*ll with them.. Be who you want to be.. Why can't we all just get along? Being friendly, courteous, and polite will get you everywhere.

Icon Credits:
  • "Don't fuck with the Redhead" icon I am told was created by chianagirl. Please credit her if you use it.
  • "depeche mode" icon was created by me, neonrose5.. snafoo if ya like, credit would be appreciated.
  • "NIN" icon was aquired from a NIN icon community.
  • "Support women with endometriosis" yellow ribbon icon was created by me. Snafoo if ya like (March is Endometriosis Awareness month), credit would be appreciated.
  • "Endometriosis Awareness Month" was created by a lady in the Endo community.. lindsey_nichole
  • I dunno where I got the rose icons from, I never remember where I get my Roses cuz I snafoo them from all over..
  • The Koolaid guy in the scout uniform was done by a woman inthe Canadian Scouters community, scoutscanada - I'll have to get the name. Please do not acquire.
  • The other Koolaid icons I found on the web & are likely owned & copyrighted by Kraft who makes Koolaid
  • "May 12" is an icon I modified based on the 2006 FMS awareness poster on the Fibromyalgia Network site (May 12th is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day) but made into an icon by me,, neonrose5.. snafoo if ya like, credit would be appreciated.
  • "Today is a One Spoon Day" icon was created by tcregan. Please credit if you use it.
  • "Why Girls like Sci-fi" icon was created by shallanelprin. Please credit if you use it.
  • "Fibromyalgia" Purple Ribbon was acquired from moonstone_fae
  • The RDA Icon, "Save a Horse, ride a Cowboy", inspired by the song by Big & Rich - was found, if you did it & request credit, just lemmie know.
  • Other fibro icons created by kate98